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Quick Tip: Find Server Name from IP Address

We have been shuffling around servers due to our recent upgrade to Windows 2008 for our EA Servers. We decided to reuse the ip addresses from old Windows 2000 machines, so some interface didn’t have to be changed. But we probably forgot to change the computer name in some cases. This is causing a lot of confusion.

Now, I wanted to find the name of the server from the IP address. It’s as simple as using,

ping -a xx.xx.xxx.xxx

It comes back with the name of the server:
Pinging [xx.xx.xxx.xxx] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from xx.xx.xxx.xxx: bytes=32 time

There are couple of other ways to find out too:

nslookup xx.xx.xxx.xxx

shows you little more details (shows you server name as well, in case of a VM).

 NBTSTAT  -a xx.xx.xxx.xxx

And of course, traceroute command also lists the name of the target ip address, if found:

tracert* xx.xx.xxx.xxx

*traceroute has different spellings on different machines. On Windows it’s tracert.

Remember, for any of these methods to work, the address has to be in the DNS Server to be able resolve name.

See here for more info: