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progammer.pngThanks for visiting my blog page! I am a Software developer by trade interested in all topics involving computers.

The title of the blog relates to Powerbuilder, an IDE that I have used to develop applications for several years.  But, the blog will also cover any software I use or build. I’ve been developing software in various languages and platforms (starting with machine code in Intel 8085 microprocessor) over the last 20+ years. I intend to share my experiences,  tips & tricks and general programming concepts here. I hope to make it worth the visitor’s time here.

The title also relates to the power in building beautiful Software. Building? Software industry has borrowed several terms from other fields. We “build” software using nice design and architecture and we use other programs called “tools” in building it. And we call ourselves, “Software Engineers” and Designers and Architects.

To me, a programmer is not unlike an author writing a book or an artist painting a picture or an architect finishing a beautiful building. A program is not only powerful but also beautiful like a building or a painting! I do get a sense of beauty in mind, when a software is done right! Even the means of arriving at the solution (Abstraction of problems) is “beautiful”.

Thank you again for stopping by!

Sam V


  1. Armeen Mazda says:

    Hi Sam, Since you love PowerBuilder you are a great writer you should post some of your great PowerBuilder-related articles to https://community.appeon.com so more PowerBuilder developers can see it. In case you are not aware, PowerBuilder is now managed by a company called Appeon and there are some exciting changes coming in the near future: https://www.appeon.com/developers/roadmap

    • SamV says:

      Armeen, sorry been busy at work. Just noticed your comment. Thanks for the kind words. I would love to do this. Thanks -Sam

  2. iostreamer says:

    You are f*ng awesome

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