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Java 9 update…



Java 9 is (still) coming! Here is another post from the author that gave us "Ultimate Guide to Java 9" recently.


Here are some features that caught my attention in Java 9:

Multi-version jar – it actually contains class files for different versions in a single Jar. Interesting. If you ever tried to run newer classes with older JVM, you would run into problem. With this, you can create class files for different versions and keep them separate.

The more I look at it, Java is slowly absorbing the "features" it refused to include from C/C++, in the first place. Wouldn’t a preprocessor + JIT better to handle this?? In those days, the programs had to have small foot print both in memory and disk space. With both available cheap, we seem to be able to splurge a little. I cannot imagine running Java on the same machine I ran my small C programs!

Do you really have to call it java9?? The Java runtime executable seem to be called that. Sounds like we are moving more and more like PowerBuilder, where you need to have the exact version of PBVM to corresponding version code. Every version of PB had to have its own executable PB10, PB125 etc.

Here is another blog that lists 5 important features in Java 9.

Here is a complete list of features in Java 9 in the Open JDK release:

There are mentions about security, logging, graphics etc. There is a Jshell, to run/test Java commands interactively – I think it’s getting a facelift from an earlier version. I see these are new features, but nothing sounds earth shattering or change the way I would program in Java. Hope to see some more before the final release comes out in 2017?

According to this site, we have another 264 days before we see the final release. Lot could change in the time we wait for it. This blog post talks about why Java 9 is delayed again?! Did you know Java 9 project is called Project Jigsaw?


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