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From C# To Java: Events

Java programming language tries to be everything for everybody and thus becomes a huge bag of goodies. But it could be confusing if not daunting, even for small tasks, to folks coming from other platforms.

Here the author talks vividly about how the Event Model in Java almost got him.

Scattered Code

I have been developing in C# for the last 3-4 years, and before that I was primarily a php coder. During one semester of my freshman year of college I did a little Java, but not much, and I have not done any since. I have decided to work on an N-Tier application in Java to give me a good project under my belt and show that I can use Java (and not just say to people that I can learn Java).

The problem with going from C# to Java is that the language is very similar. This is a problem because while I can figure out the language itself pretty easily, most “getting started” guideand tutorials are too beginner level to really be helpful. However, jumping straight into something such as a Spring framework tutorial or many other more high level tutorials can be pretty overwhelming, as they all…

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