Custom Java Libraries in ColdFusion/Railo

We use Coldfusion at work. Fulltime CF developers have Dreamweaver and CF Server. I occasionally do some CF code to test. For this, I use Railo as my web server. Here is a post about using custom jars in Railo.

Stuart Wakefield's Web Development Blog

I have been experimenting with Java libraries in CF8 and Railo to see how easy it is to load up a custom Java class in each. I know that we can simply add the .jar into the lib directory in ColdFusion and Railo and it will automatically be ready to use after a restart.

<cfset test = CreateObject( "java", "my.custom.TestObject" ) />

However, this means that part of your application code is floating around somewhere it really shouldn’t. So how easy is it to keep the .jar local to the application directory and use it?

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