Scala-IOT: Getting started with RaspberryPi without Monitor or Screen.

Wow, two great, seemingly unconnected, technologies together!? Great post about using Scala with Raspberry Pi! I am going to give it a shot. Thank you. See below for the original post.


Hey folks,

We are back again ! ( Did you miss me? ) A big Moriarty Fan ! 🙂

So where we left was, now we have a basic understanding of IOT i.e. Internet of things and we know which protocol it uses i.e. MQTT and why it uses it ? If you didn’t follow us till here you can check out our previous blogs and then come back here to be in a flow.

1. Scala-IOT : Introduction to Internet Of Things.

2. Scala-IOT : What is Mqtt ? How it is lightweight ?

So in this blog we will talk about how to get started with RaspberryPi. How to  install the Raspbian Jessie on it, and how to configure it so that you would not need any screen to communicate with it !

So the per-requisites would be  :

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • SD card (8GB+)
  • Power Source ( Mobile…

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