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EAServers – Logging

Sybase (Now SAP) EAserver is a full blown apache server with PowerBuilder VM added in. In my personal experience, it is a great product. It’s a shame, Sybase and SAP both dumped it, without thinking of any alternatives to deploy PB in n-tier environment.

Like any Java container, EAServer provides a lot of services and API for applications to use. One of them is the logging submodule in EAServer. EAServer allows one to log messages to external resources (like file, console etc) using a set of submodules. You can actually use EAServer’s own logger or the Java logger or even log4j. And it is very easy to switch the logger. Apart from the system logger, you can also create loggers that you can use to write application messages.

Here is a simple diagram to show the logging hierarchy available inside EAServer:


And here is how you can setup the logging profiles. These help to switch to a new scheme of logging quickly. Categories, Handlers and Formatters help setup each logging profile as needed.


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