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Blu phones and bigger SD card

81xdl8dyc4l-_sl1500_I recently switched to a Blue phone after many years of other phones including more recent Samsung. I didn’t have much luck with previous phones – memory issues,  freezing,  hanging etc. Having spent a lot on phones before, I decided to go for a cheaper phone this time – if my luck fails me again,  at least I wouldn’t have too much on it!

So, after some research went for a Blu phone this time. It looks nice and sleek and it has been working fine, except a few technical issues, which I was able to resolve.

One problem I had was that the phone didn’t recognize a 64GB SD card as advertised. After googling a bit, I landed on the Blue forum. I tried some suggestions from the forum and was able to make the SD work in blue phone. I had to try a different tool than suggested.  Here is my post back to the site:

Thanks all here for the wonderful
suggestions. Blue phone didn't 
recognize my 64GB SD card. I took
the advice here and reformatted 
to FAT32 and it worked!!

However, for me the 
SmartDisk_FAT32_tool didn't work 
(I am on Windows 10). It didn't 
see the drive at all. So, I tried 
the solution @ this

and got Macrorit Disk Partition 
Expert  from download Macroit
and that worked brilliantly on 
Windows 10. 
Just be aware that the 
reformatting only takes effect 
after you "COMMIT" in the tool. 

Before this my phone was constantly running out of space.  I tell you!  My phone works much better with 64GB!

Comments, please?

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