Quick Tip: GMail – Copying and Pasting from Excel spreadsheet

This is more a workaround. We use GMail (Google Apps for Business) at work. Often times, I paste references from various sources, particularly from Word and Excel into the email. When I copy and paste from Excel directly into the Gmail body, it loses all the formatting. Don’t know why.

For e.g., take the below same in Excel – I screenshot it to show you what it looks like in Excel:

Fig 1. Excel spreadsheet

When I copy and paste these cells from Excel directly into my Gmail body, I get:

First Name Last Name Enrolled?
Sam Tester Y
Michael Coder N

Fig 2. Cells Copied from Excel to Gmail

See, it loses all the format. I haven’t figured out why or how to correct it. But, I found a workaround. I first paste it into a Word Document and then copy that to Gmail:

Here is a screenshot from Word:

Fig 3. Same thing (Excel cells) pasted into Word document

Now, when I copy this from Word and paste it into Google mail, Voila! The formats appear magically.

(Updated below image 5/9 – I posted the original post through email and it had lost the formatting below, but this is the way it looked in Gmail, after I pasted from Word.)

2016-05-09 11_02_56-Quick Tip_ GMail - Copying and Pasting from Excel spreadsheet - sam.vardarajan@l
Fig 4. Copied from Word to Gmail

I don’t know what Word is doing differently than Excel, possibly Word is keeping the text the format (HTML?) more compatible with Gmail?? In any case, this workaround works, even though it takes an additional step.


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