Using Log4J with EAServer 6.3

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We are using Log4J in our web application running on EAServer 6.3. The log statements automatically go to the server’s log file, as we expected. During development we put quite a few debug level logging statements in the code, but wanted to only display WARN and above on the production machines. We tried changing the .level property in the file in our JDK, but this had no effect on the size of the logs. Googling only showed how to do this using .props files, which worked in 6.0 but are no longer valid in 6.3. I finally found the solution while digging through the EAServer 6.3 Release Bulletin under the Troubleshooting guide in “Monitoring Techniques”. I would like to provide additional details on how we used this in our environment.

The first step was to create a file in the %EAServer_Home%lib directory. Set the LOGFILE.File property to have the same name…

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