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EAServer 6.3 Performance Tuning

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We recently deployed our first 6.3 J2EE web application to a group of about 12 users. The full production load will be about 1000 users. It is a JSF1.1/RichFaces application for tracking visitors to our facilities, and we started with just one facility.

Our production servers are running on mid-power blades using VMWare v3. There are either two or three VMs running on each physical blade, which we just bumped up to 4g memory. We have access to two of these VMs, which are each running EAServer 5.5. We installed EAServer 6.3 for our application, attempting to run both versions simultaneously within the VM. The results were disastrous! For reasons still unknown to us, version 5.5 seemed to continue humming along, but our application was experiencing 15-30 second delays on every screen. We tried setting the priority on the 6.3 server higher than that of the 5.5 server, but still did…

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