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Sybase EAServer: Taking Control – printing ENV settings while starting EAServer

If you use Sybase EAServer day in and day out like we do here, you will need to make some changes to the environment to make troubleshooting easier. Typically on DEV machines, EA Server is started by a batch file called
ServerStart.bat. This is a self contained script in that it sets up a lot of (local) ENV variables and then starts EA Server. The settings like path, Java classpath etc are decided at run time and there is no way to display them.
I added below lines in the batch file (or shell script, if your EAServer is running on *nix machines) to be able to “get into” the settings that EAServer is currently started with:…

::[1] save current EAServer settings in a file</strong>
SET > c:\temp\serverstart_set.txt
:: end
::End of Script

Just put it at the end of all the settings and the server is about to be started, so you get the full listing. I put mine (EAServer 5.5) right under, :setServerVMDone in the serverStart.bat

The change is simple, but you can see the settings, paths, classpaths etc that EAServer is running with and thus able to troubleshoot issues. I used it a lot during PB/EAS/Java upgrade recently.

The idea is not to be afraid of changing the scripts that came packaged with EAServer installation. I’ve also changed setenv.bat and user_setenv.bat to customize/enhance the setup.

Of course, there are tons of other flags in EAServer that you can tweak to print more messages in Jaguar.log. We will get into those later.

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