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Work Funnies… (from IT world)



This was a long time ago. At that time, I was working in the IT department for the transportation/shipping industries. As part of that, I used to work in warehouses in New Jersey. These were busy houses, trucks coming and going, clerks entering bills etc. The warehouse staff were part of a union. They would clock their times, take their breaks at specific times. (This never happens to us, programmers! If I clocked all my overtimes, I would be a millionaire now!!).

So, I was sitting in the backroom of the warehouse one night, programming. There were some warehouse staff on late night shift. Business was kind of slow, but those days we weren’t cutting staff like we do now (come to think of it, it may be because of union). So, we had a handful of them working night shift. A bunch of them were watching TV in the back room. If I remember, only one guy was working on a PC (may be they took turns).

Suddenly, I heard a lot of commotion. “Mainframe is down”, someone was screaming!!! I saw everyone run back to their PCs and keep trying. Now they couldn’t do any work, because mainframe computer was down!!! It had to be fixed right right then, otherwise how would they handle business?! So, they get on the phone and paged my friend, who just left and he lived far away from work.

My friend drove back to work, got in touch network group in corporate office. Of course, there was some network issue. While this was happening, every user there kept clicking and screaming that they could not do their job without mainframe. An hour later, my friend got it fixed and left.

The moment he left, all those users returned to watching TV in the backroom. That one guy, (scout?) continued to be (look?) busy with his PC again. All in day’s (night’s) work!

Do you have anything funny that happened at work? Please share. It doesn’t have to be in IT!


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