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PowerBuilder: Disappearing PowerBar Icons

Recently, one of my co-workers showed me his PowerBuilder 12.5.2 IDE. For some reason, lot of the icons were missing in his Toolbar (called PowerBar). The only items showing were the exit buttons (for some reason 2 of them showed up). That looked really messed up. I tried a few things, but finally removing (clearing) the menu bar completely brought it back!! Here are some screenshots, in case you ran into this problem.

Fig 1: PowerBar lost most of the icons

Thinking it just needs a reset, ​​I tried Tools->Toolbars -> Customize -> Reset to reset the Powerbar1 to original list.

Fig 2 Customizing menu Toolbar in PowerBuilder IDE

And it seemed like, it did the magic as shown below:

​Fig 3 Reset PowerBar

But, when I clicked OK and closed the popup, the newly added icons disappeared and I was back with 2 Exit buttons.

I tried the same thing on my machine and I lost all the icons too. Now that I lost the icons myself, it’s no longer research. I had to fix it!

After a bit of Googling, found out that this is actually a bug in the version of PowerBuilder we have. Seems there has been an EBF, but we cannot apply here yet. (more to do with management’s decision than to do with technical reasons). Based on some suggestions for a custom bar, I cleared the toolbar completely.

This actually looked worse than before. I lost all the icons!!! But, when I exited PowerBuilder IDE and came back in, voila! the icons are back!!

Sometimes, doing the opposite of what is intuitive seems to work magic!!

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