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Oracle Sequences Contd… Resynching it

​I posted in detail about Oracle Sequences before. Another user was having an issue. One of the screen failed to update data and it showed the primary key violation. After looking at the message, I realized it could be another Sequence synchronization issue.

When you get this kind of error, first thing to do is to check the maximum ID value in the table and the next value for the sequence. If the sequence.nextval < max(table.id), then it will generate primary key violation.

​For e.g., to check on the id and sequence for an employee table,​

-- max_id
SELECT Max(​employee_id) FROM ​employee;
-- max_sequence
SELECT ​employee_seq.nextval FROM dual;

If the max_sequence < max_id, then you will have to bump up the Sequence to a value > max(id) in the table. To do this, there is no straightforward way, except to increment the sequence by the difference. Here are the steps:

1. Find the difference between the 2 – max_id – max_sequence. Let’s call it

2. Now change the increment value of the sequence to DIFF.

3. Select nextval from Sequence to push the sequence in synch with Max(id).
SELECT employee_seq.nextval FROM dual;

4. You cannot leave it like that – because the increment by is now , every time the nextval is called. Change the “Increment by” back to 1.

5. Select nextval from sequence one more time, to bump the sequence past the max(id).
​​SELECT employee_seq.nextval FROM dual;

This will bring the sequence back in synch. Of course, you will have to find out, why the sequence fell out of sync in the first place.

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