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A CORBA Consumer In Perl

Really nice page! I was looking for some Perl script to monitor our Sybase EAServers and I stumbled on this. I am going to try these.


Lately I’ve discovered the OpalORB open source implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) CORBA standard.

Given a set of interface definition language (IDL) files they can be compiled and the corresponding Perl classes can be used to communicate with a CORBA server.

There isn’t too much example code for this on the Internet – perhaps because the documentation for OpalORB is rather light – and perhaps because CORBA isn’t widely used these days save for some specialist applications in private industry.


Download the OpalORB tarball and extract.

You probably will need to edit Makefile and remove the spaces after the equal signs and all trailing space and comments after the variable definitions for COPY, MKDIR, DESTINATION, and TARGET.

Then, as root, run make install.

Copy your custom IDL files into /usr/local/opalORB/idl/myidl.

Compile your IDLs:

cd /usr/local/opalORB/idl/myidl for i in *.idl; do…

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