Microsoft Word: Resize all images in a document to the same width

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  1. This post is an adaptation of an article by Helen Bradley in Australian Personal Computer magazine (January 2014 issue, p99). Full credit and kudos should go to Helen and APC for this information — I only tweaked it and expanded upon it to suit my purposes, and added full steps and screen shots.
  2. You should be familiar with writing macros using the VBA code editor in Word. This post will not take you step-by-step through that process.
  3. Read the warning notice below.

BEWARE! This macro WILL resize ALL images in your Word document to the same width — that includes any cover art, logos, images on landscape pages, etc. This may NOT be what you want and you may decide that this macro isn’t for you. As with any such global change, test it on a COPY of your original document before using it on your original. You…

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