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PowerBuilder to PVCS connection issue


You try to connect to PVCS in Powerbuilder and you get below errors:

Initialization of SccInitialize() Failed
Restoring SCC Offline Status Cache from last backup.
599 entries restored to SCC offline status cache.
Initialization of Merant Version Manager Failed

(See Below picture)


There are several reasons as to why PowerBuilder won’t connect to PVCS. One of the most frequent issues is the system path. Below mentioned PVCS related paths must be in the PATH. If they are missing add the below paths into it:


Try to keep it to the beginning of the PATH as possible.

If these entries are there and you still get the error, then they may have be moved up to the front.

When you install new Software, they may install themselves to the beginning of the PATH variable. This means some DLL files, that may be in the other directory may be loaded in place of PVCS ones. This may be another reason for the error.

Again try, to move Merant paths to the front of the PATH variable and try it.


1. To change the system path, go to Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables. Copy out the path to notepad or something to edit/view full path and paste back corrected path.

2. I am posting this from an earlier post I had on an internal blog. At the time I was using Windows XP and PB 10.2 and PVCS 8.0.2. This is still valid in Windows 7 and PB 12.5 and PVCS 8.5 we migrated to. The path may be slightly different. If your Windows 7 is 64-bit, PVCS may be installed in "Program Files (x86)" directory. (Though I prefer to install all 32 bit applications in a directory called c:Prog32).

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