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Non Technical: (IRS) Telephone/Email Scam

This is not really a technical post. But, my wife got the call this morning, I thought of warning everyone. Someone named Jason McDonald, called from DC area claiming to be “Chief Investigating” officer with IRS. Then he put his
“boss” Adam Gatson on the phone. They both had a slight accent, I thought. Though I couldn’t really place it, it sounded Britishy – more from Caribbean? I may be wrong there.

Apparently, there is a scam going on. IRS put up a warning on their page. There is also a phishing email scam. So beware. I heard some people ended up paying them. Luckily, we didn’t. But, it’s not easy.

The call feels legitimate, as the “investigating officers” from IRS were calling from a DC #. They knew my wife’s name and our (old) address. They kept repeating that we had some errors in last few returns, so either we pay up or they will send the papers to local law agencies to “arrest her”! As much as we are not stupid, the thought of arrest gave us a jolt. I told them we would call back and talked to our CPA and attorney to confirm it was a scam.

I called the scammer back from my phone (using *67 prefix to hide my number) and left him a message to call back on my work phone. ( I don’t normally use my work phone for anything, but this time I wanted them to feel I am connected). Well he didn’t call me back, but my wife got repeated calls from the #. She ignored them. Then suddenly, she started receiving calls from other cities, with seemingly IRS phone #s. They are persuasive. For all I know, they should be aware that FEDS are looking for them. Yet they seem to be “bold” enough to keep calling. The fact that they are located outside the US jurisdiction may have given them to courage.


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