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Oracle SQL*Plus – Forward Slash contd…



Recently while working with a coworker I saw trouble with using Forward slash, first hand. He was running some old scripts. The original developer probably ran these in some other tool (typically other tools are more pardoning than SQL*Plus.

One of the scripts had DDLs and had some code commented out. Incidentally, the original developer used C-Style comments (those in between /* … */). And inadvertently, he created a Forward slash problem!!!!

I am including a very simple script below to illustrate this:

create table t (c VARCHAR2(30));
/* drop table t;

First line there is a DDL that creates a new table. There is the C-Style comment.

SQL> create table t (c VARCHAR2(30));
/* drop table t;

create table t (c VARCHAR2(30))
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object

No way!!!! How come?? Well, you guessed it! It’s because of a Forward slash the developer left in the script inadvertently. Remember C-Style comment starts with Forward slash?? Forward slash means "RUN" to SQL*Plus. It tried to execute the previous DDL when it saw /* on the second line, thus the Error!

Funnily, this doesn’t happen in a DML nor in a PL/SQL block. So, if your scripts have DDLs beware of Forward slashes in any shape or form!!!


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