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Quick Tip – Oracle on the net (APEX)

While trying to come up with sample SQLs for the previous post, I wanted to test them before posting them. I googled for tips online like always. I found Oracle Application Express. All you have to do is enter a name for the Workspace you would like and an e-mail address. Then they send you an e-mail to validate. When you click on it, they ask you some more details and a reason why you should be given access. Once I completed this, I got another e-mail with temporary password. When I logged in the first time, I had to change the password. After this, it asks me for database name and that’s it. I was able to try a few SQLs quickly!

Oracle Application Express

So far, I’ve only tried SQL Workshop menu. This has a nice SQL interface like SQL*Plus, only simpler. And it’s free!! I am impressed. Apparently, Application Express (or APEX as it is known) is much bigger than what I saw. See this link for more on this nice tool.

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