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Sybase to Oracle conversion


Few years ago, I worked on a project where I had to convert close to 100 stored procedures from Sybase to Oracle. There are several differences between the 2 databases.

I was hired to be the Oracle expert in a team full of Sybase developers. I constantly worked with them to convert the databases and the code from Sybase to Oracle. I was asked to set up the environment, set the standards for Oracle coding and convert a lot of stored procedures. I participated in their migration project and eventually even supported their batch environment that ran in both Sybase and in the new Oracle environment. I even got a chance to work as a Oracle development DBA within the team. This gave me a lot of opportunity to learn about both the databases. I got to know their similarities (they both are SQL based relational databases, aren’t they?) and their differences and idiosyncrasies (Did you know, Sybase “Database” is the same as Oracle “Schema” and Oracle “Database” is the same as Sybase “Server”??).

There are a lot of sites out there discussing the differences and even migration from one to another. I benefited from a lot of those and I made a lot of notes at the time. When I was working on the project, I was so busy I couldn’t post all those notes online. Now, that I have some time, I am dusting off my old notes and posting here. I hope it benefits someone doing similar kind of migration.

Sybase to Oracle Database conversion

This is a much bigger topic than I intend to cover in this post. My take on the conversion is mainly from a developer point of view. The DBAs will have a lot more to add about the database setup and architecture. Though, you will see references to database level differences, as I did perform the duties of a development DBA within the team. Below presentation lists out some of the differences while coding a stored procedure in the 2 databases. I took one of the procedures we migrated and annotated it with comments. I made this for the team at the time. I’ve changed the names of the tables and procedures to be more generic.

Note about the convention in the attached presentation: I wrote a complete Oracle Coding standards manual for the Sybase developers. I am following this convention in the attachment below. In general keywords are upper cased, other identifiers lower cased. The names of identifiers follow certain naming convention. I will post about this separately.

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