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PVCS – Source repository File Server

In PVCS, when we try to open the project database, it typically lists File Servers to select. The file server name listed there is not the actual server’s name. Recently, we had to find out what server it was connecting to. This can be done in Admin->File Servers menu option in PVCS. You can add/delete/update server names here.


Where to add PVCS server list

So, if the PVCS server is changed in the future and you need to connect to the new server, change it as mentioned above. This needs to be done on each developer machine or the ini file could be distributed. (The name of the ini file is, C:\Program Files\Merant\vm\common\bin\win32\servers.ini)

PVCS Servers

Fig 2. server list is stored in servers.ini

If you connect to PVCS from Powerbuilder (or any other MSSCCI compliant IDEs), you do not have to change anything there. PB actually reads the PVCS servers.ini file to get the PVCS Server name(s). After making the changes to File Server name in PVCS, we just need to disconnect and reconnect to merant version manager in Powerbuilder.

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