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History of PB

Powerbuilder grew from the modest beginnings in the early 80’s to where it is now. Those of us who have worked with it for a long time know that it’s come a long way as a product. But how many of know it’s real history (sort of like the history PC programming world itself)? It was originally conceived and produced by a company called Powersoft. Now it is owned by Sybase. We all knew that it was “bought out” by Sybase in the 90’s and what it did to the product. But how many of us know the background of it? Both Powersoft, the company, and Powerbuilder, the product had their fair share of competitions from big giants, threat of hostile takeovers. After initial days of glory, it did lie in the dumps for some time and several wrote death sentence for it. Yet, time and again it came back up again and with PB 12 seems to have gained a new life. I can write about all those here. But, I won’t try to re-invent the wheel as there have been several nice posts about the subject. I am listing a few, that I liked, here:

An Article by Chris Pollach


History of Powerbuilder from the maker of PBLPeeper

A nice blog about Powerbuilder and other tools

The displaced guy or your personal IT guy on the web!

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