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background to my Database posts

I have been working with various databases in different settings. Client Server, backend programming etc. Few times I have even worked in upgrading versions of databases. Though I have had interludes with many different databases including informix, DB2 and esoteric Integra SQL, I’ve been mostly working with Oracle databases for most part. From Oracle version 6 to Oracle 10g recently. I’ve seen the database mature so much. In fact, when I got back to Oracle after a little break, I kept coding in old style not using newer features. Only recently when I took up a job to do a conversion of database from Sybase to Oracle, I started realizing the how much Oracle had changed and all the new features in it.

When I did client server programming in PB, C or Java, I didn’t have to explore all the features in the database. But when I had to see the insides of the programs in Sybase and try to convert to Oracle the best possible ways, the door opened up. Entire book of Oracle is wide open now and suddenly I am conscious about every little feature or deficiency in Oracle.

This blog is about my conversion project. Rather what I learn from it. I will try to add entries about the challenges in the conversion and any “discoveries”.

Comments, please?

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